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Script Web MLM Binary


Jual Skrip PHP Multilevel Marketing System PLUS JASA INSTALASI
dan 1 purchase code



Jual Skrip PHP Multilevel Marketing System PLUS JASA INSTALASI
dan 1 purchase code
Our “MLM” softre is for Multi-levels Business, it’s perfect for all MLM businesses that nt to administrate their users and give the opportunity to each user to have a virtual llet. You can also have a referral & 1:1 Pair Binary Matching system and each user can earn commissions. Every multi-level business needs to have more control over each user and the only y to be able to do this is with Our “MLM System” which will allow you to Full Dynamic Controlable MLM Business Without any coding knowledge within five minutes

Fitur User
– Responsive Interface.
— Interactive Dashboard.
— Easy Login & Registration System.
— Free Joining System.
— Updatable Package.
— Support Paypal.
— Support Perfect Money.
— Spot ( Referer Bonus ) Income.
— Matching ( 1:1 Binary Pair ) Bonus.
— Easy Binary TREE.
— Binary Income ( 1:1 Pair Matching ) Summery.
— Automatic Deposite System.
— Fund Transfer User TO User.
— Flexible Withdraw TO Company / Online Processor.
— Details Transection History.
— Details Accounts Ledger.
— User Profile System.
— Dynamic Support Ticketing SYSTEM.
— Password Reset Option.
— Support SMS.
— Notification System Via Email & SMS.
— Secure Transection System with LTP ( PIN ).
— SEO Friendly URL.

Fitur Admin
— Detailed Dashboard.
— Withdraw Pending Request.
— Withdraw View Log
— Add Balance to User.
— Remove Balance From User.
-Details Balance Log.
-Add / Edit / Delete SITE Menu.
-Add / Edit / Delete SITE Slider Images.
-Logo Setting.
— Support Ticket Management.
– Details Matching ( 1:1 Pair ) History.
– Full User Control.
— Transfer TAX Control.
— Withdraw TAX Control.
Demo Frontend: idealbrothers[dot]thesoftking[dot]com/mlm/
Demo Admin Access: idealbrothers[dot]thesoftking[dot]com/mlm/admin
Demo Admin ID: admin
Demo Admin Pass: admin
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