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Script MLM Matrix Multilevel


Jual Script MLM Matrix Multilevel
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This is a Multi-Stage Forced



Jual Script MLM Matrix Multilevel
dan 1 purchase code

This is a Multi-Stage Forced Matrix MLM Softre that can be used to start and run a great MLM (Multi-Level Marketing or Affiliate Marketing or Referral) business. This softre allows members register and manage their Back Office from their end with ease while admin manages everyone from the admin side. It integrates various matrices (2X1, 2X2, 2×3) with different bonus types Welcome Bonus, Referral Bonus, Stepout Bonus, Matrix Bonus (all which can be manipulated from the softre). The softre comes with a robust set of industry standard tools to make it easy to manage your business.

1. Multi-stage MLM Functions (with multiple matrices and highly extendable)
2. Feeder intro level (Pawn Star 2X1) and five stages (Rook Star 2X3, Knight Star 2X3, Bishop Star 2X3, King Star 2X3, Queen Star 2X2)
3. Robust spill over and spill under system (implements left to right)
4. Multiple Bonuses (Welcome Bonus, Referral Bonus, Matrix Bonus, StepOut Bonus)
5. Bonuses can be configured (default currency is $)
6. Binary system with no breakay, no boards or cycles, no splitting.
7. Register new members in multiple ys (registration Form, Member Dashboard, Admin Dashboard) 8. View your network total downlines or your immediate Team View 9. View all earnings

Demo Frontend: demo[dot]royallifefoundation[dot]org/login.php
Demo User ID: test
Demo User Pass: test

Demo Admin Access: demo[dot]royallifefoundation[dot]org/admin/login.php
Demo Admin ID: admin
Demo Admin Pass: sky

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