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Script ERP Basis Web Laravel


Script ERP Basis Web Laravel
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Lengkap ! Murah ! Stabil ! Secure !




Script ERP Basis Web Laravel
dan 1 purchase code

Lengkap ! Murah ! Stabil ! Secure !

ERP is a Modern and Responsive Business management system. It is developed by PHP and Laravel framework. It is designed and develops for small & Big Business, shop, company and any types of we include accounting management, Employee Management, Bank & Purchase Management, invoice, user and data can use it for your personal, family, or company financial control. Know the total outcome or income for a given period of time, a given category or all at once. Using the handy filters, you can know how much you spend in everything in just a couple clicks.

– Office Departments
– Employee
– Employee Payroll
– Ard Management
– Task Management
– Notice Management
– Holiday Management
– Office Accounts
– Income/Expense
– Transaction Purpose
– Accounts Chart
– Office Manage
– Meal Package
– Food Delivery
– Catering Due History
– Product Category
– Product Management
– Product Stock
– Sale Management
– Sold History
– Bank Account
– Credit/Balance
– Transaction
– Manage Suppliers
– Supply Management
– Reports
– Customer Management
– Inventory Management
– Generate Invoice
– Bank Management
– Supplier Management
– Loan Management
– Add Purchase
– Purchase Reports
– Purchase Management
– General Management

Frontend: preview[dot]thesoftking[dot]com/thesoftking/erp/
Admin Login: Username: admin || Password: admin
Staff Access: ?

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