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Script Cloning Ebay


Jual Script Cloning Ebay

Ebay Clone Script
New to PHP Pro Bid is full support for



Jual Script Cloning Ebay

Ebay Clone Script
New to PHP Pro Bid is full support for reverse auctions. Reverse auctions will enable you to run an elance style site/service whereby buyers can source providers. From within the admin area you have full control over every aspect of reverse auctions, from open and closed listings to providers profiles and related fees

Digital Downloads
Offer the ability to attach Downloadable content to your listings, the content is made immediately available for Download to the purchaser from within the members area.

Make An offer
Buyers can now make offers on listed items, this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range they are will to listen offers between.

Six High Quality Skins
Select between six high quality PHP Pro Bid skins, all uniquely designed and offering first class visual affects.

Combined Invoicing/Postage calculation
Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user saving both time and money. New in V6.x is the ability for buyers to combine purchases from the same seller thus creating a shopping cart.

Direct Payment
Buyers can now make payment to sellers for items won on-site through one of the following payment methods:-

nted Ads
PHP Pro Bid is the first auction softre package to include nted ads. Enable your users to post adverts for items they nt! You can also charge fees for posting nted ads and also for a successful sale.

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